Improving access for all

The Town Centre Access Plan

Caroline Simpson, Corporate Director of Place at Stockport Council, talks through the Town Centre Access Plan.

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The Town Centre Action Plan is being funded as part of the Greater Manchester Growth Deal.

What is the Town Centre Access Plan?

The Town Centre Access Plan (or TCAP as we call it) is an ambitious programme of investment to improve access and ease congestion in and around Stockport town centre. It is a key part of the wider ongoing investment in the town centre, which includes Redrock and Stockport Exchange.

What are the key aspects of the proposal?

The programme includes a number of projects across the town centre, including road junction improvements, upgrades to cycle facilities, and improvements to pedestrian routes.

Phase 1 is already underway. Twenty-six projects have either been completed or are in development. In Phase 2, a further 19 projects will be delivered including the new link road between the A6 and Travis Brow.

Why are you delivering the TCAP?

TCAP is a vital component of wide investment in Stockport and central to our ambitious plans for the redevelopment of the town centre. Approximately £1billion worth of investment is being delivered including works at Stockport Interchange, Merseyway and the Market Place. TCAP is playing a crucial role in ensuring that the necessary transport and highway improvements are made to enable this investment and development to take place.

What are the benefits of doing this?

TCAP will have a number of benefits for Stockport including improved access to and around the town centre, to the M60, the transport Interchange and the rail station, and to key sites within the town centre. It will also improve access to the town centre from surrounding residential areas, making it easier for people to access shops, services and leisure facilities.

Crucially, TCAP will also reduce the impact of traffic congestion and improve the efficiency and reliability of the highway network. We know this is something that will make a big difference to businesses, residents and visitors alike. 

What are the project timescales?

Work has been going on since 2015 and Phase 1 is due to be completed later this year. The whole programme will be completed in 2020.

Who is delivering the TCAP?

Stockport Council is delivering TCAP in partnership with Transport for Greater Manchester, with the work being undertaken by the Stockport Strategic Alliance. The Alliance is a framework of specialist contractors and consultants that work with the Council’s Design and Project management teams.

What is the long term vision for TCAP?

TCAP is just one element of ‘Investing in Stockport’, which is seeing a range of ambitious projects launch across Stockport to ensure the town continues to grow and meet the needs of modern day life.

How is it being funded? 

TCAP is being funded as part of the Greater Manchester Growth Deal.